When it comes to car accessories, there are many of them we can buy from automotive markets. Few accessories are to increase the beauty of car and few of them are associated with the protection measures. The Car Cover is used when you have to protect your car from external problems like extreme weather. Extreme weather can damage the paint and overall built of your car rendering it useful life to decline and damaging your investment. If you really want to protect your investment, you have to cover it with protective covers. Selection of covers can be a daunting task for a new person as there are many options available in the market.

Different options with regard to car covers:

In this aspect, 5 major types of covers are present and you can select from them depending on your needs and requirements. These are outdoor covers, indoor covers, custom made covers, universal covers and large covers for larger vehicles. In fact, there are covers present for RVs which are very large in size and you can easily get them on custom orders. It is a great idea to take a spare cover with you on your recreational trip as it takes very less space when packed. This cover would not only protect your vehicle from external damages but would allow you to enjoy AC cooling as these covers are designed to stop heat from coming inside. You can put on this cover while not travelling and can enjoy a home like feeling in your RV.

Outdoor covers are the best ones when we talk about sedans. There are many universal sizes present in local markets as well as on the internet and you can buy them to protect your car from temperature variations. Outdoor car covers are more resistant as opposed to indoor covers which are for dust protection only. When you have parked your car inside, it is nice to use these covers if you want to increase the life of your car. With indoor covers, you would protect your car from dust and in turn your vehicle would require less visits to service stations.

Sizes to select from:

The prominent sizes that you will find at different shops would include:

  • Custom
  • Semi-Custom
  • Universal

Custom car covers are made for specific car models and they cannot fit on other cars. These are usually expensive and when you buy a custom size for your car, you make sure that your car would be protected in the best manner as there would be no need to tighten the ropes all the time. Semi-custom size encompasses a small range of different vehicles identical in shape. This is slightly larger than the custom small car covers and it is good to buy if you have different cars of almost same size in your home.

Universal size is the largest and it can be used for a large number of vehicles. The only problem with universal size is that it hides the proper shape of your vehicle and you have to tighten it properly to get the desired results otherwise the fabric will continuously rub against the car body.

Selection of colors for your car covers:

There are different colors available in universal sizes because of the mass production. These universal car covers are cheap as compared to the custom ones because companies have small margin of profit and they target more consumers to increase their revenue. If you are low at budget, this could be a perfect choice. As far as colors are concerned, you should prefer lighter ones when you are living in a sunny climate otherwise to enhance the style of your vehicle, you can go for more lively options. Dark colors should only be selected when climate is chill and you can afford to park car outside without getting worried about the heat absorption.

Selection of fabric for new car covers:

Previously, there were very few options in this regard and only one or two options were present. Parachute fabric is mostly used to manufacture universal car covers. You must have seen silky polyester car cover fabrics at the launch events of different motor events. If you want to get such a classy piece of fabric for your car, you can always order that to get a tailor made cover. This cover slides beautifully on your vehicle and enhances its beauty. Selection of fabric has also a direct relation with the weather and atmospheric conditions, therefore consider the hot and summer climate before selecting the type of fabric for your car cover.

In order to get The Car Cover, you can visit any of your local automobile shop and can shop online too. It is always better to research about different products before making a final call because there are many types of car covers available and you cannot simply pick one without a logical reasoning. Online stores have larger varieties of car covers as compared to the local automotive shops and it is a great way to get the best product in reasonable price.

Whenever you have to buy a new car cover for your car, always check the warranty of the product. Online sellers always provide you with a good duration of warranty and if your product if faulty, you can get it replaced. You can expect a good experience of buying car covers if the seller is providing you with price protection, money back guarantee, free shipping and good customer service.