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To give you the feeling of following where the ocean takes you.

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We have a membership policy which allows you to stay the day with many added benefits.


We can help you see the world at Sea which can give you an experience of touching the horizon.


We can help you see the world at Sea which can give you an experience of touching the horizon.

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Physical, Cultural & Natural History

Learn about history in the sea, for the ultimate experience of luxury with a little bit of history.

Love For The Sea


We have a clubhouse where adults can spend a few minutes of their time playing.


We organize events on the to raise awareness about a cause and donate all the proceeding to the charity.


We have boat racing events for the adventurous junkie in you.


You can enjoy the life of luxury with us in the right seas.

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We have a committee which ensure that the boats are always protected and do not cause any damage to life.

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Best Ideas to go on Ride in a Limousine

Limousine, the long stretched car is everyone's dream to get into and have a long ride. The car can be used for both formal and private occasions. You can plan for a trip in a limo with your family and friends and make your occasion memorable. Limo is very much affordable and you can hire it on an hourly basis as well. The cost of the limo ride will be similar to people traveling individually, then why not hire a limo and travel in style? Here are some fun ways to take a limo ride. Make sure, that you go in for a good service like SuvChicagoLimo, which is really giving a very good value for money and you do not need to worry about anything and that is the best part about it. Nightlife: Getting out of a limo in a nightclub, bars, and concerts will get you plenty of attention. Hire a limo with friends you can reach the venue partying and set the mood before actually arriving at the destination. You may even get first preference and red carpet treatment. Your chauffeur will be there for you to drive and park the vehicle. You can go from one bar to another without worrying about drink and drive issues. Limos allow you to drink comfortably and continue your party even while hopping from place to place. Airport: Planning a nice vacation can become more memorable when you hire a limo to travel to the airport. This large luxurious vehicle allows many people to sit and have their luggage neatly placed. A car can be a tough decision where you struggle to stuff your baggage in the car and sitting with many people will be difficult. Moreover when you park your car at the airport then the parking charges will be hefty, so why not hire a limo and save money and buy a luxurious style for some time. Besides, you can enjoy music throughout your ride, without worrying about the directions, have snacks or drinks or if you are on a business trip, you can peacefully continue with your laptop in style. Celebrate a Special Occasion: Whether it is your birthday, date, anniversary, arrival at the wedding venue or departure from the wedding venue, limo adds style and grace to the occasion. Plan your party inside a limo, you and your friends can just sit back and relax without worrying about the destination and the travel. You can also have a mobile movie time on the way. Your troop can go in style to bars and restaurants to celebrate the occasion. A nascent date in a limo can bloom into a memorable love story. Make sure that you go in for, SuvChicagoLimo, which is one of the best options in the market. The bride and groom arriving at the wedding party never go out of fashion. You can arrange to have as many friends as you want. Depending upon the number of friends you can rent a bigger limo. One can also opt for a journey home for the bride and groom after the tiring day, limo will give some peaceful time to the couple to sit back and relax. Limo, the luxurious style car can be simply used to take a long drive for sightseeing! Beautiful scenery? Who doesn’t love that? Absolutely no one. Chicago city has one of the best natures for sightseeing. With the river and lake cruises, someone can make a tour around the attractive scenery. Even though heights scare some people, some love it when they climb heights higher than anything around them. This provides a soothing watch over the surrounding. Chicago city has the high 442 meters Willis Tower. Before even you explore around, as you get to climb the elevator, there’s a welcoming movie detailing the 45-year history of The Willis Tower. Food is what we all need. We tend to go for different flavors and type generally depending on our culture and also on our needs. Chicago city is full of big portions and flavors. Deep-dish pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches are among some of the staple food found there. Chicago city has a river walk. Pedestrians would love to walk around as they see around and admire it. The Riverwalk is 1.25 miles long and is made up of six covers. These would be a good opportunity to take photos and help appreciate art. One can also board a cruise boat or water taxi or even sail a kayak on their own and go in for SuvChicagoLimo, which is one of the best. Museums are everywhere and Chicago City is not an exception. It houses the Field Museum of Natural History. This is one of the largest natural history museums in the world and has a collection of more than 24 million objects. This is a place to feed your fascination for the natural world. In addition to that it also has the Chicago History Museum which is in the Lincoln Park. There is also a Lincoln Park Zoo which covers 37acres and has almost every type of species. The Chicago Picasso which is an art that was produced by Pablo Picasso is a fascinating sight that attracts may tourists around the world. It is in the Daley Plaza and weighs about 147 metric tons and is over 15 meters in height. Holy Name Cathedral, which was completed in 1875 after its predecessor was burnt down during the Great Chicago fire. It is made of bronze doors and In conclusion the city of Chicago is full of fascinating features to watch and is often a great tourist destination for millions of people around the world and that makes it a very good choice for one and all and you cannot ask for anything more. There are many good options and this is place which is loved by people who want to know more about the history of this place.

Reasons why you need to buy text chemistry book

Getting the man or a woman of your dream is among the essential things that can happen to one's life. That is because, as a man or woman, you need to be with someone you love to be complete. Many relationships have ended because of poor communication and understanding between each other. Things that you talk via messages with the love of your life can either bring him closer or separate you from him. Hence there is a need to read about the text chemistry review before buying it since the book has the secret to a better relationship. It is evidence that text message is an essential thing in a relationship. Whether you are married or you are in a courtship, you need all the techniques to keep him or her around you. A text message can make someone love you more and long to see you if one adheres to all the techniques discussed in the text chemistry book. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential things you can learn in the text chemistry book. Some of those things are: Text that can make men be obsessed According to studies, it is clear that text messages are among the most widely used form of communication. Many people use text messages for various reasons. Text messages are more reliable, fast, and convenient means of communication. Therefore according to the text chemistry, the way you text your partner can significantly affect your relationship in either a positive or negative way. It all depends on the knowledge that you have about the text chemistry. Hence on the text chemistry, you will be able to learn the secret text that your man can get obsessed with. By reading that book, you will avoid sending messages that can be misinterpreted to your loved ones. Many people misunderstand words easily. Therefore by reading the text chemistry book, you will be able to know how to write a text message that will make your dream man be obsessed. How does the text chemistry work? Many people have been wondering how the text chemistry book works without getting any leads. Many have tried this book and gotten the best results ever. According to the reviews, many people have been thanking this book, for it has helped them save their relationship and the love of their lives. If you have been asking, how does the text chemistry book work? You do not need to worry anymore because this article will answer you. The text chemistry books focus entirely on getting the men’s full attention. When you get a man’s full attention, the man will always think about you. That is the secret of the text chemistry. To send a text that can capture a man’s attention, you need to master the man’s psychology first. Learn the things that he loves and the ones he dislikes. It is evident that when you get someone’s full attention, the man will always think about you. That is where missing someone arises. When anyone misses you, he will find time to come and visit you. Hence it is clear that through the help of a text chemistry book, you can attract a man’s attention and make him love being around you always. Other essential things you can learn from the text chemistry book. There are very many things that one can learn from this particular book. Apart from the things discussed above, let us consider other things you will learn. They include: Ways to prevent a man from ignoring your message No one sends a message aiming to get no reply. As long as the conversation continues, you will need a person to reply to your message. When a man does not ignore your message, there must be a reason why he did not. Therefore, the text chemistry book will help you to learn if a man can ignore your messages. Also, the book will teach you the best technique on how to make any man reply to your messages instantly. Since it is evident when one ignores your message, it can make you feel rejected, by learning those techniques, you will avoid being rejected or ignored. Ways to win back your ex Love is a powerful feeling that cannot get rid of even with time. If you love someone, you will always find yourself accommodating his weakness, mistakes, strength, and everything. Hence in one way or the other, you may be having an ex-boyfriend who you love up to date, and you want him back. The text chemistry book will help you to learn all the ways to win back your ex. It is clear some people love once in their life, and once the love of their life leaves, those people can never love again. Hence if you are one of them, consider buying the text chemistry book and learn how you can bring him back to you. Techniques for sending E-glow text There is some text that you can send to your loved one and make him go away. Such messages can cause you so much pain. That is because you may not be willing to let them go, but you sent the text without knowing how much they can attract or scare the guy. Thus, the text chemistry book will help you to identify ways of sending an E-glow message that will make him think about you always.

Things to know about car covers before making a purchase

When it comes to car accessories, there are many of them we can buy from automotive markets. Few accessories are to increase the beauty of car and few of them are associated with the protection measures. The Car Cover is used when you have to protect your car from external problems like extreme weather. Extreme weather can damage the paint and overall built of your car rendering it useful life to decline and damaging your investment. If you really want to protect your investment, you have to cover it with protective covers. Selection of covers can be a daunting task for a new person as there are many options available in the market. Different options with regard to car covers: In this aspect, 5 major types of covers are present and you can select from them depending on your needs and requirements. These are outdoor covers, indoor covers, custom made covers, universal covers and large covers for larger vehicles. In fact, there are covers present for RVs which are very large in size and you can easily get them on custom orders. It is a great idea to take a spare cover with you on your recreational trip as it takes very less space when packed. This cover would not only protect your vehicle from external damages but would allow you to enjoy AC cooling as these covers are designed to stop heat from coming inside. You can put on this cover while not travelling and can enjoy a home like feeling in your RV. Outdoor covers are the best ones when we talk about sedans. There are many universal sizes present in local markets as well as on the internet and you can buy them to protect your car from temperature variations. Outdoor car covers are more resistant as opposed to indoor covers which are for dust protection only. When you have parked your car inside, it is nice to use these covers if you want to increase the life of your car. With indoor covers, you would protect your car from dust and in turn your vehicle would require less visits to service stations. Sizes to select from: The prominent sizes that you will find at different shops would include:
  • Custom
  • Semi-Custom
  • Universal
Custom car covers are made for specific car models and they cannot fit on other cars. These are usually expensive and when you buy a custom size for your car, you make sure that your car would be protected in the best manner as there would be no need to tighten the ropes all the time. Semi-custom size encompasses a small range of different vehicles identical in shape. This is slightly larger than the custom small car covers and it is good to buy if you have different cars of almost same size in your home. Universal size is the largest and it can be used for a large number of vehicles. The only problem with universal size is that it hides the proper shape of your vehicle and you have to tighten it properly to get the desired results otherwise the fabric will continuously rub against the car body. Selection of colors for your car covers: There are different colors available in universal sizes because of the mass production. These universal car covers are cheap as compared to the custom ones because companies have small margin of profit and they target more consumers to increase their revenue. If you are low at budget, this could be a perfect choice. As far as colors are concerned, you should prefer lighter ones when you are living in a sunny climate otherwise to enhance the style of your vehicle, you can go for more lively options. Dark colors should only be selected when climate is chill and you can afford to park car outside without getting worried about the heat absorption. Selection of fabric for new car covers: Previously, there were very few options in this regard and only one or two options were present. Parachute fabric is mostly used to manufacture universal car covers. You must have seen silky polyester car cover fabrics at the launch events of different motor events. If you want to get such a classy piece of fabric for your car, you can always order that to get a tailor made cover. This cover slides beautifully on your vehicle and enhances its beauty. Selection of fabric has also a direct relation with the weather and atmospheric conditions, therefore consider the hot and summer climate before selecting the type of fabric for your car cover. In order to get The Car Cover, you can visit any of your local automobile shop and can shop online too. It is always better to research about different products before making a final call because there are many types of car covers available and you cannot simply pick one without a logical reasoning. Online stores have larger varieties of car covers as compared to the local automotive shops and it is a great way to get the best product in reasonable price. Whenever you have to buy a new car cover for your car, always check the warranty of the product. Online sellers always provide you with a good duration of warranty and if your product if faulty, you can get it replaced. You can expect a good experience of buying car covers if the seller is providing you with price protection, money back guarantee, free shipping and good customer service.

Guide on how to babysit a baby

Taking care of a young child or a baby means that you must always think of the food they need to be fed with, the time that you should spare to read, play games and sing with them, and even the things that you can do to ensure their safety, good health as well as good growth. This may also be called babysitting and doing this is never a joke. Though it may not seem to be that stressful, what makes it hard for people to babysit babies is when they do not know what they should really do. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to babysit a baby without having any problems. Infant care Singapore price are the best in terms of costs and caring of your baby as babies need experts who are really familiar with their age groups. Why does babysitting a baby seem so difficult? Babies are always needy but they are not able to talk. A mother who is skilled is able to learn and understand the behavior of a child and interpret it and then make a prediction of what their baby really needs. This does not just come naturally and a new mother requires an understanding on the way of taking care of their child. For a babysitter, this may be way more difficult. Caring for a baby is very different from babysitting a young child or a toddler. Babies require more attention and it is not just to make them enjoy the cuddles or kisses. As a caregiver, you should understand that a baby depends on you nearly 100% and if you are doing a bad job, they will always let you to know. What are the needs of a baby? There are things which occur automatically in babies. In some cases, babies will need coaxing. It is good to note that with baby care, there is always no dignity. Regardless of the hardships that you undergo, you just have to keep serving them. There are some things that babies may manage to do them on their own. For instance, they can sometimes sleep without any intervention. However, they will need your assistance in most cases. Babies will always need enough food. You have to feed them whenever they are hungry. It is important to understand some of the things when you are feeding a baby so that you may not cause any problems to the baby. For instance, there are certain foods which must never be fed to babies at any circumstance. Most of the doctors always recommend that one should not feed their babies with solid foods until when they are about 4 to 6 months old. These solid foods may include soft foods such as mashed bananas and the other fruits. Even when the baby is already at the age of six months, there are foods which you should still not give them. For example, babies under the age of one year should not be given honey because of the risks of poisoning which are caused as a result of Clostridium Botulinum spores. Below are some of the examples of foods which you should not give to your baby at any time:
  • Chocolate (below one year)
  • Fish with mercury (below one year)
  • Allergic foods such as eggs, peanuts, strawberries, tomatoes and wheat (below six months)
  • Cured or smoked meats (below one year)
  • Unpasteurized foods, inclusive of cheeses or any other animal products (below one year)
  • Candy (below one year)
  • Refined grains such as in bread (below one year)
  • Fruit juice (below one year)
  • Soy milk or cow’s milk (below one year)
  • Honey (below one year)
There are some babies who hardly burp but others burp so much. This also happens among grownups. It is good to note that babies who are bottle-fed have to burp more than the babies who are breastfed. The reason is because the babies who are bottle-fed always take in more air as they are feeding. However, not every baby is the same as the other and some may work out their burps by their own while others may require some help. Just like you, babies really tend to hate the poop on their diapers. This is something that they can never deal with by themselves and you always have to be ready for this task as a babysitter. The situation can sometimes be simple and tidy to deal with but in other cases, it may be a total eruption. You always have to try handling yourself when you are approaching the situation. Just as food, sleep is also very essential for children. Some babies can easily fall asleep while others have to struggle a lot before they are able to sleep. Some may really cry till they just collapse. It is not good to underestimate a baby’s need for a nap. Sometimes you may easily ignore the situation thinking that the baby is just fine but you cannot know until when it is very late. It is good to always stick to the child’s nap schedule and never to question it. Babies really love interaction and this is what really makes them happy and jovial. If you are a babysitter, it is always good to interact with a baby so that they may never be stressed at any time. The brains of babies are spongy bobs of grey fat which soak up anything that is within their environment. But the good thing of playing with a baby is that one you start playing with them, they are wiped within no time.

The 7 Best Maritime Museums You Must Visit

If you have a knack for sea waves and ships you will find this article extremely fascinating. Here we are going to discuss about the 7 best Maritime Museums you must visit. These are not only dedicated to entertainment purpose but also impart education. This is why they are also amazing for the kids. Encourage them to explore the new world of adventure and relive the experience of Pirates of the Caribbean with these amazing Maritime Museums. Maine Maritime Museum
  1. Maine Maritime Museum

Located in Bath Maine Maritime Museum contains a wholly distinct research library where you can read about several ships and their adventures. The Museum tour is an innovative experience for the new tourists.
  1. Michigan Maritime Museum

Located in South Haven of Michigan this Michigan Maritime Museum is ready to provide you the maritime culture of Great Lakes. You can also join the cheerful programmes such as Pirate chaser adventure skill arranged by Michigan Maritime Museum authority.
  1. Maritime Museum of San Diego

Situated at San Diego of California Maritime Museum of San Diego is one of the most favourable choices for the ship lovers. The activities like sailor days in which both kids and adults can perform, sing and learn are surely an amazing endeavour from the authority of Maritime Museum of San Diego to introduce the tourists to the sea culture. Mystic Seaport
  1. Mystic Seaport

Situated at Mystic of Connecticut Mystic Seaport is the largest maritime museum in the entire US. This is spread across about 19 acres on the shores of the great Mystic river. Large collection of ships and the well built research library along with the histories of boats and sailing ships are sure to mesmerize you with their antic charm.
  1. USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum too is located at San Diego of California. This museum has an extraordinary approach to entertain the tourists. USS Midway Museum authority arranges self guided audio tour which enables you to explore engine room, sleeping quarters and pilots’ room with proper information available in your headpiece.
  1. USS Constitution Museum

USS Constitution Museum in Boston of Massachusetts aims at preserving history along with folk stories with special attention and care. This museum exhibits numerous war ships and retains the old technologies used in those ships. You can avail a guided tour to relive the past and immerse into your fancy.
  1. The Mariner’s Museum and Park

The Mariner’s Museum and Park located at Newport News of Virginia is especially favourable for the kids. This museum exhibits a 3D theatre which enlivens the adventures that the ships faced in the old age. The cheerful ambience and colourful vitality of this The Mariner’s Museum and Park is very much distinct from the usual sombre and grave mood of the museums. This ensures a whole new experience of visiting museums. Relive history with these 7 best maritime museums in the world. Especially if you have a research topic based on sea life or seafarers you must visit at least some of these museums for their extensive research libraries.