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To give you the feeling of following where the ocean takes you.

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We have a membership policy which allows you to stay the day with many added benefits.


We can help you see the world at Sea which can give you an experience of touching the horizon.


We can help you see the world at Sea which can give you an experience of touching the horizon.

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Physical, Cultural & Natural History

Learn about history in the sea, for the ultimate experience of luxury with a little bit of history.

Love For The Sea


We have a clubhouse where adults can spend a few minutes of their time playing.


We organize events on the to raise awareness about a cause and donate all the proceeding to the charity.


We have boat racing events for the adventurous junkie in you.


You can enjoy the life of luxury with us in the right seas.

Our Committee

We have a committee which ensure that the boats are always protected and do not cause any damage to life.

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There are many freebies that a member can receive, if you want to know more contact us.

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The 7 Best Maritime Museums You Must Visit

If you have a knack for sea waves and ships you will find this article extremely fascinating. Here we are going to discuss about the 7 best Maritime Museums you must visit. These are not only dedicated to entertainment purpose but also impart education. This is why they are also amazing for the kids. Encourage them to explore the new world of adventure and relive the experience of Pirates of the Caribbean with these amazing Maritime Museums. Maine Maritime Museum
  1. Maine Maritime Museum

Located in Bath Maine Maritime Museum contains a wholly distinct research library where you can read about several ships and their adventures. The Museum tour is an innovative experience for the new tourists.
  1. Michigan Maritime Museum

Located in South Haven of Michigan this Michigan Maritime Museum is ready to provide you the maritime culture of Great Lakes. You can also join the cheerful programmes such as Pirate chaser adventure skill arranged by Michigan Maritime Museum authority.
  1. Maritime Museum of San Diego

Situated at San Diego of California Maritime Museum of San Diego is one of the most favourable choices for the ship lovers. The activities like sailor days in which both kids and adults can perform, sing and learn are surely an amazing endeavour from the authority of Maritime Museum of San Diego to introduce the tourists to the sea culture. Mystic Seaport
  1. Mystic Seaport

Situated at Mystic of Connecticut Mystic Seaport is the largest maritime museum in the entire US. This is spread across about 19 acres on the shores of the great Mystic river. Large collection of ships and the well built research library along with the histories of boats and sailing ships are sure to mesmerize you with their antic charm.
  1. USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum too is located at San Diego of California. This museum has an extraordinary approach to entertain the tourists. USS Midway Museum authority arranges self guided audio tour which enables you to explore engine room, sleeping quarters and pilots’ room with proper information available in your headpiece.
  1. USS Constitution Museum

USS Constitution Museum in Boston of Massachusetts aims at preserving history along with folk stories with special attention and care. This museum exhibits numerous war ships and retains the old technologies used in those ships. You can avail a guided tour to relive the past and immerse into your fancy.
  1. The Mariner’s Museum and Park

The Mariner’s Museum and Park located at Newport News of Virginia is especially favourable for the kids. This museum exhibits a 3D theatre which enlivens the adventures that the ships faced in the old age. The cheerful ambience and colourful vitality of this The Mariner’s Museum and Park is very much distinct from the usual sombre and grave mood of the museums. This ensures a whole new experience of visiting museums. Relive history with these 7 best maritime museums in the world. Especially if you have a research topic based on sea life or seafarers you must visit at least some of these museums for their extensive research libraries.